Term 4 Learning

Welcome to Term 4! 

We have another exciting term ahead.

This term, the children will be learning 'how and why we should lead a healthy lifestyle' through our integrated topic, as well digital technology, including online safety and coding.

What an exciting term ahead!

We are looking forward to another wonderful term working with your children.     

Thanks!  Madeleine and Erin     

Some of our Prep students investigating shape.

Religious Education Units

Concept: HOPE & Advent

Exploring the concept of HOPE through celebration of God’s creation and the wonder and awe we see in our natural world. The theme of HOPE will then flow beautifully into Advent and Christmas.

Strand 1: God, Religion and Society

Level Descriptor: Christians celebrate the wonder and beauty of God’s presence in the whole of creation.

Strand 2: Prayer, liturgy and Sacraments

Level Descriptor: God's presence can be experienced and revealed in special ways through a variety of symbols and symbolic actions within prayer and liturgy.

Catholic Social Teaching Focus:

Solidarity will be explored early in the term, in particular on our Mission Day. 

Numeracy Focus

What will Prep be learning in Numeracy this term?

Counting and Place Value (numbers up to 20)

  • ten ones is the same as one ten
  • two tens is the same as 20
  • all our numbers are made up of the 10 digits 0-9 
  • one bundle of popsticks represents 10.

Place Value:

  • I can read numerals up to and including 20 
  • I can identify and count the numerals in sequence backwards and forwards (0 through to 10 then 10 to 0; then 10 through to 20 and 20 back to 10)
  • I can write the numerals up to and including 20
  • I can order numbers up to and including 20. Eg 1, 9, 15
  • I can locate numbers on a numberline up to and including 20
  • I can model a number with materials such as pop sticks, unifix, and tens frames.(interpreting)


  • I can count a collection of up to 20 objects using 1:1 correspondence.
  • I can count forwards by 1’s to 20 from any starting point 
  • I can count backwards by 1’s from 20 from any starting point
  • I can ROTE count up to 20 and backwards from 20

Addition and Subtraction

We are learning about: 

  • I know all the numbers up to 10.
  • I know that when I combine numbers, the number (total) gets bigger.
  • I know that when I take away from a number the number I am left with is smaller.

I can…

  • I can make numbers up to 10 in different ways. (and in to the teens)
  • I can make small collections and combine to find the total by counting on. 
  • I can work out how many are left when I take some away from the collection.
  • I can model worded addition and subtraction problems using materials. (eg - I have two cats and two more came along.  How many do I have now?)


We are learning about: 

  • Australian notes and coins.
  • Using money to buy or pay for things we want.

I can…

  • Name some Australian coins and notes
  • Show ways that money to buy things

Time - O’clock

We are learning about:

  • Naming the different hands on a clock and making o’clock times
  • The days of the week
  • Ordering events

I can…

  • recognise that different time periods have different names, e.g.  minutes, hours
  • Name days of the week.
  • Problem solve through using known time periods to determine when things might happen in my day?
  • Make times on a clock to the hour.

Statistics and Probability

We are learning about: 

  • asking and answering yes/no questions to get information
  • collecting information
  • organising answers to yes/no questions in to simple displays
  • interpreting simple data displays

I can…

  • ask questions to get information
  • answer questions using yes or no
  • make a simple display and group responses
  • use data displays to answer simple questions

Integrated Unit ~ How and Why Should We Lead a Healthy Lifestyle?                       

What are we learning?

  • Exploring healthy food choices.
  • Exercise and movement.
  • Social and emotional health and wellbeing.

Literacy Focus 

What will Prep be learning in Literacy this term?

Phonological  Awareness.

Beginning, medial and  ending sounds.

Remaining SMART sentences for the following words:

  • Light (igh)
  • Tape 
  • Kite
  • Note


  • Bl, cl, fl
  • Gl, sl,pl
  • Br, cr, dr, fr
  • Gr, pr, thr
  • Sp, spr

Word Families:

_and, _end, _ent, _ond, _ash



  • Anti-clockwise: a, c, d, g, q, e, o, f, s
  • Clockwise: m, n, r, x, z, h, k, p
  • I family: i, t, l, j
  • U family: u, y, v, w, b

and their placement on the dotted thirds


Christmas cards

Reading Focus:

  • Chunking.
  • Reading for meaning - comprehension. 
  • Self monitoring - does that make sense/sound right? 
  • Beginning, medial and  ending sounds.


        Respectful Relationships

        What if Everybody Did That? 

        Exploring our behaviours and thinking about what it would be like if everybody acted the same way. How does respect look/sound? Respecting others and making good choices is important. (Zen Den Traffic Light how make good choices mindfulness) 

        Don’t Squeal Unless it’s a big deal. 

        Exploring and identifying big and small problems and what to do when we need to talk to someone about a problem.

        Digital Technology and STEM

        • How to stay safe online.prep_stem.jpg
        • Coding with the Beebots.

        • STEM activities

        Visual Arts

        • Printing with objects
        • Watercolour and salt application
        • Line, colour and shape exploration using a variety of mediums