Term 3 Learning

Welcome to Term 3! 

We are looking forward to another terrific term of fun and learning.

   Thanks!  Madeleine and Erin     


Using team work and games to make our maths learning fun!

Religious Education Unit


Strands and Level Descriptors:


The Bible is a collection of books, with multiple authors that teaches about God's love, the life of Jesus and the call to love.

Explore and respond to Scripture that teaches about God’s love, the life of Jesus and the call to love. 

Recall Scripture stories and interpret how they show God’s love.


Christianity has its roots in Judaism.

Investigate the practices and teachings of Jesus as they are linked with his Jewish heritage.

Connect Jesus to the Jewish faith through his words, actions and heritage.

Numeracy Focus

What will Prep be learning in Numeracy this term?

Multiplication and Division

We are learning to represent practical situations to model sharing and multiplication.

Numbers to 20 (Counting/Place Value)

We are learning to read, write, order and interpret numbers up to and including 20.

I can…

  • count forwards and backwards up to and including 20.
  • name numbers before and after up to 20. 
  • order numbers in correct counting order.

Location and Transformation

We are learning about  left and right and showing an understanding of positions e.g. beside, next, above, below, near, under, up, down, behind, in front of.

Ordinal position

We are learning about and using terms such as ‘first’ and ‘second’ to indicate ordinal position in a sequence.


We are learning about naming the different hands on a clock and making o’clock times.

We are learning about the days of the week and ordering events in sequence.

Integrated Unit ~ My Family and Me; Our Personal History.

We are leaning about:

Our own personal and family history.

Literacy Focus 

What will Prep be learning in Literacy this term?

Big Book focus and Reading Rotations incorporating:


Phonemic Awareness:

Introducing blends

Rhyming and Syllables focuses



Word families _ot, _en, etc

Vocab Chart

Complex Sentences


I can:

  • rest my letters on the line
  • use finger spaces between words
  • always begin sentences with a capital letter
  • always end sentences with a full stop or ! or ?
  • use chewy stretching to sound out words

SMART sentences 

Uplevelling sentences 

We can write:

  • Grandparents Day cards

 - When I’m a grandparent

  • Father’s Day cards

 - Why I love my Dad…

  • Weekend recounts
  • Basic Procedures
  • Descriptions 

We can use different prompts to assist with writing:

Writing prompts - Simon’s Cat

Picture prompts

Phonemic Awareness


(2 words a week)

SMART spelling sentences (words of the week: cat (letters C and K), jam (letters J and M), bed(letters B and D), dog (letters O and G)

(Supported by SMART SPELLING)

Learn songs with actions for the sounds.

Respectful Relationships

Respectful Relationships:

Positive Coping

 I can…

  • name emotions,  personal strengths, likes, dislikes, needs and wants.
  • try not to give up when things are tricky.
  • join in activities with my friends.

Gender & Identity

I can…

  • say what I like and don’t like.
  • have different likes and dislikes to others and know that is OK.

Relationships and Sexuality:

Theme 4: Media Monitor/Identity

I am developing an awareness of positive and negative gender norms.

Fun with our buddies!

Visual Arts

We are continuing to prepare for our Art Show in later in the year.

We can't wait to share our artwork with you!


I can participate in songs and chants

I can use the pronoun Pak/Bu to address my teacher