Grade 1/2

Term 3 Learning

Welcome to Term 3! 

We are looking forward to a fantastic term of fun and learning.

Thank you for your ongoing support.      

Rachael, Lisa, Lee-Ann and Tania

We had fun with some hands on STEM activities at the end of last term.

Religious Education Unit

Concept: Call

Strand: Church and Tradition

The Church is a community of people who accept the invitation to follow Jesus, listen to the Good News and respond through word and action.

Explore and describe ways the invitation of Jesus is a call to Christians to gather, listen and respond.

Explain that Church is a community of people who respond to the Good News.

Strand: Scripture, Israel and Jesus

Parables have enduring wisdom to be interpreted in the context of the time in which they were told by Jesus. This allows people to hear the living voice of Jesus speaking into their lives and the world.

Interpret God’s 'dream for the world' through the parables and identify the challenges this poses for Christians today.

Numeracy Focus

What will Grade 1/2 be learning in Numeracy this term?

    Addition and subtraction

    Grade 1 - I can represent and solve simple addition and subtraction problems using a range of strategies including counting on, tens facts, partitioning and re-arranging parts.

    Grade 2 - I can explore the connection between addition and subtraction.

                - I can solve simple addition and subtraction problems using a range of efficient mental and written strategies.

    Multiplication and Division

    Grade 1 - Represent practical situations that model sharing.

    Grade 2 - Recognise and represent multiplication as repeated addition, groups and arrays. 

                - Recognise and represent division as grouping into equal sets and solve simple problems using these representations.


    Grade 1 - I can tell the time to the half hour on an analogue and digital clocks.

    Grade 2 - I can tell the time to the quarter hour on an analogue and digital clocks.

    Integrated Inquiry - My family and me; A personal history.

    We are learning about our own personal and family history.



    Phonemic Awareness/Vocab (adverbs) Chart/Complex Sentences/Genre Grammar


    Vocabulary, Connections, Openers, Punctuation charts and warm-up games and activities

    Genre: Narrative



    Text structure (orientation, body and conclusion of 4 or more sequenced ideas). 

    Interactive/Modelled Writing

    Genre: Poetry

    Nouns, verbs and adjectives

    Structure: Cinquain, haiku etc.

    Hand Writing

    Forms letters using correct formation - beginning in the right places and going the right direction, - revise spacing of words, pencil grip

    18mm dotted thirds - using dotted thirds correctly. (sky, grass, dirt)

    Anticlockwise letters, Clockwise letters, i letter family, u letter family.

    Respectful Relationships

    Topic 4 - Positive Coping

    Topic 7 - Gender Identity

    Visual Arts

    We are continuing to prepare for our Art Show in later in the year. 

    We can't wait to share our artwork with you!



    • I can  recognise that some Indonesian words are similar to English, for example, buku, komputer and es krim
    • I can recognise that Indonesian is written using the same alphabet as English but that some sounds are different


    • I can recognise simple verbs (lari, main, makan)
    • I can respond to questions with verbs such as ada/mau/suka/bisa/boleh


    What a great term we had in Term 2 - here are just some of the things we got up to.