Grade 6

Term 2 Learning

Welcome to Term 2! 

What a fantastic first term we had together!

We are looking forward to another great term, working together as the Grade 6 cohort.          

Thanks - Mharni and Bec

Religious Education Units

Concept - Transformation

This term, with Jesus as our model we are looking at Reconciliation and how we can live our lives with the Common Good of all at our core. 

How can our relationship with God and others be nourished, maintained in order for us to live a fulfilling life?

Numeracy Focus

What will Grade 6 be learning in Numeracy this term?

Addition and Subtraction 

Essential Learning/s: 

Select and apply efficient mental and written strategies, and apply appropriate digital technologies, to solve addition and subtraction problems. 

**Numbers up to 6 digits and lists of numbers**

 I can select and apply efficient mental strategies to solve problems. 

  • compensation
  • split & jump  with a number line
  • partitioning
  • bridging to ten (compatible pairs)
  • doubles / near doubles 



Written (with 1 & 2 digit)

Rounding & estimating

Equivalent number sentences

6 - above with decimals

Integrated Inquiry Units

Earth’s Place in Space

We are learning about:

  • the solar system

We will know we have been successful when:

  • we can explain the Earth’s place in the solar system

Why must we adapt to survive?

We are leaning about:

  • the needs and adaptions of animals and plants

We will know we have been successful when:

  • we can articulate why an animal has certain adaptions in order to survive its specific environment

Literacy Focus

Genres Explored:

  • Pesuasive
  • Informative
  • Debates

Use of persuasive devices: rhetorical questions, scenario, statistics, quotes, emotive language, repetition, exaggeration. 


- using a range of synonyms for frequently occurring words, in a longer text (impact, consequence, result) 

- uses topic-specific vocabulary to add credibility and weight to arguments

Sentence structure:

How author’s add impact to their texts through word choice, punctuation and varying lengths of sentences.

Patterned writing: using mentor texts to enhance our own sentence structure and writing.

    Respectful Relationships

    Relationships and diversity:

    Describe the characteristics of respectful relationships and suggest ways that respectful relationships can be achieved 


    Describe the various causes of conflict and evaluate possible strategies to address conflict

    Visual Arts

    We are continuing to prepare for our Art Show in later in the year. 

    We can't wait to share our artwork with you!

    What a great term we had in Term 1 - camp was a highight!