Grade 6

Term 4 Learning

Welcome to Term 4! 

We are looking forward to a wonderful final term of Grade 6 and Primary School together.          

Thanks - Mharni and Adam

Religious Education Units

Concept: Origin

Core Catholic Social Teaching: Human Dignity

Spiritual Capability: Connecting with the Heart 

CHURCH and TRADITION                          

Level Descriptor: The mission of the Church in the world is continued through the actions and ministry of the communion of saints, and people across time.

Learning Process

Discern the actions and ministry of people in the Church and others as reflective of Jesus' ministry on earth.

Achievement Standard

Identify how the actions and ministry of the communion of saints and others across time have continued the mission of the Church.

Numeracy Focus



Compare fractions with related denominators and locate and represent them on a number line 

Solve problems involving addition and subtraction of fractions with the same or related denominators 

Find a simple fraction of a quantity where the result is a whole number, with and without digital technologies 

Make connections between equivalent fractions, decimals and percentages 

Money and Financial Mathematics

Investigate and calculate percentage discounts of 10%, 25% and 50% on sale items, with and without digital technologies 


Location and Transformation

Introduce the Cartesian coordinate system using all four quadrants.



Describe probabilities using fractions, decimals and percentages.

Integrated Inquiry Units

Concept: Does the majority rule in Australia?

  • Discuss the values, principles and institutions that underpin Australia’s democratic forms of government and explain how this system is influenced by the Westminster system.
  • Describe the roles and responsibilities of the three levels of government, including shared roles and responsibilities within Australia's federal system.
  • Identify and discuss the key features of the Australian electoral process. 
  • Identify the roles and responsibilities of electors and representatives in Australia's democracy.
  • Explain how state/territory and federal laws are initiated and passed through parliament.

Transitioning to high school.

Identifying concerns, queries and setting the scene for what to expect.

Literacy Focus

Reading and Viewing

Text structure and organisation

Understand how authors often innovate on text structures and play with language features to achieve particular aesthetic, humorous and persuasive purposes and effects

Interpreting, analysing, evaluating

Select, navigate and read increasingly complex texts for a range of purposes, applying appropriate text processing strategies to recall information and consolidate meaning 


Expressing and developing ideas

Investigate how vocabulary choices, including evaluative language can express shades of meaning, feeling and opinion.

Phonics and Word Knowledge

Understand how to use banks of known words, word origins, base words, prefixes, suffixes, spelling patterns and generalisations to spell new words, including technical words and words adopted from other languages.

Creating literature

Create literary texts that adapt or combine aspects of texts students have experienced in innovative ways.

Speaking and Listening

Language for interaction

Understand that strategies for interaction become more complex and demanding as levels of formality and social distance increase.

Interacting with others

Participate in formal and informal debates and plan, rehearse and deliver presentations, selecting and sequencing appropriate content and multimodal elements for defined audiences and purposes, making appropriate choices for modality and emphasis.




Information reports

    Respectful Relationships

    Respectful Relationships:

    Topic 5: Stress Management

    Topic 6: Help Seeking

    Relationships and Sexuality:

    Theme 5: Taking Care Online and Off

    Physical Education

    PE: hockey, handball, team games

    Music and Drama

    • Identify the purpose of advertisements. Plan, script and create an advertisement for a new product.
    • Improvisation
    • Debating a random topic to extend improvisational skills.

    Visual Arts

    Our Art Show is Week 3 of this term!

    We can't wait to share our art work with you!


    • I can create texts such as descriptions and conversations to share ideas and experiences, using modelled language
    • I can use the conjunctions karena and tetapi
    • I can use fomulaic me- verbs (membaca, mendengarkan, menonton)