Grade 5/6

Term 4 Learning

Welcome to Term 4! 

We have another exciting term ahead.

This term, we are taking part in Money Matters.  This unit focusses on managing our money in an economic world.  

The children are also looking forward to Mission Day and the chance to create and run our stalls to help to raise money for the Mission effort.

The Grade 6's are looking forward to sharing fun activities with their Grade Prep Buddies, the Grade 5's are excited to go through the school leadership process and of course a highlight is always Graduation, where we celebrate the end of primary school for the Grade 6 cohort!

We are looking forward to another wonderful term working with your children.              

Thanks - Catherine, Mharni, Christine and Bec

Religious Education Units

Fertile Question: How can we nourish hope within ourselves and others?

By the end of Level Six, students working at standard will be able to:

  • Analyse ways in which a culture may 'push back' or challenge those who claim a life lived according to a particular religious tradition.
  • Explain how through prayer and sacrament the Church nourishes and celebrates the lives of its members.

Numeracy Focus

What will Grade 5/6 be learning in Numeracy this term?

Fractions and Decimals

Grade 5

  • Students will represent, order, locate and compare unit fractions and decimal fractions beyond hundredths

Grade 6 

  • Students will connect fractions with their decimal and percentage equivalents and solve operational problems involving them. Students will compare, represent and locate fractions with related denominators.

Geometric Reasoning

Grade 5: Students will estimate, measure, compare and construct angles using both 180 and 360 protractors. 

Grade 6: Students will investigate a range of angles and use results to find unknown angles.

We will also be covering: 

  • Cartesian planes for Grade 6 students.
  • Location for Grade 5 students
  • Problem solving using all 4 operations (including BODMAS for grade 6 students)
  • Time

Integrated Inquiry


We are leaning about:

  • How to manage money in our economic world
  • How to budget for our needs and save for our wants 
  • The economy is based on supply and demand of products

We will know we have been successful when:

  • We can identify strategies that will assist us in making informed financial decisions

Literacy Focus


Week 1 - The prefix inter- meaning between.

Week 2 - The graph /y/ making the sound “i” as in pyramid.

Week 3 - The digraph /ou/ making the sound “eh” as in famous.

Week 4 - The digraph /gn/ making the sound “n” as in sign.

Week 5 - The trigraph /ssi/ making the sound "sh" as in discussion.

Week 6 - The digraph /ou/ making the sound “ou” like in house.

Week 7 - The graph /t/ making the sound "ch" as in nature.

Weeks 8-10: Revision


  • oral presentation


  • analysing writing (own and others)
  • goal setting
  • punctuation, quotation marks 


  • Point of View


  • Literature & Contexts
  • Responding to Literature
  • Examining Literature


  • Narrative
  • quotation marks
  • Seven Steps to Writing Success
  • Persuasive/Exposition (Grade 5's - leadership speeches)
  • Oral presentations


Develop a handwriting style that is becoming legible, fluent and automatic. (9mm - pen)

[Diagonal joins]

    Respectful Relationships

    • Getting Along - consolidating positive coping and problem solving.

    Visual Arts

    • Embossing techniques
    • Perspective in drawing
    • Alternative paint application
    • Tie dye techniques (year six only)